About Evita

Not Evita Peron

All my life, every time someone older than me finds out what my name is, they’ll say, “Oh, Evita Peron!” or “Don’t cry for me Argentina!” or the like. I even met a lady who went out of her way to show me pictures of Eva Peron and told me how she became such a popular celebrity and icon.

I used to hate my own name because of how peculiar it sounds. I found it weird how I am the only person that is named Evita that I have metBut in time, upon knowing why my parents gave me this name, I became proud. I am proud that I bear the same name of someone that is so powerful and controversial that they made a biopic about her.

But I am not her, I am Not Evita Peron.

Well, I am as pretty but not as great as her. I’m just your regular Evita person that lived a normal childhood and a not-so-dramatic life; who’s currently trying to add color to her life by sharing something that she loves.

I put the art in arte

When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was one of those cashiers in establishments because they are always counting money. I mean, who doesn’t like money? Thankfully, my career goals have become more aspirational over the years, and my dream job leveled up as an accountant. My interests also have been diversified, from counting money to spending it on skincare and makeup as I convince myself my stress coping mechanism is healthy and it makes me pretty. It kinda sounds like I’m spoiled, but believe me, I am not. Just a girl with interests, right?

My skin has always been sensitive since I’ve had a skin asthma when I was little. I’ve tried different kinds of treatment and creams a few years back, and I’m lucky it was gone now, even temporarily. Ever since I’ve been picky about whatever I’ll put on my skin and face. I’ve gotten into so many Korean products and makeup because I want to achieve that poreless face since high school (I still do) but when I moved to the United States and started breaking out, I focused on using international products that are within my reach.

And since my search for beauty products and skincare that works with sensitive skin won’t be ending anytime soon, I figured it’ll be best to document it- for my own reference and for reference of the people who have a sensitive skin like I do. I created Not Evita Peron, an online blog where I will publish my honest reviews of the products I have tried. Is it effective or is it just a hype? Or is it just the brand?

Join me as I unpack all these products and review them like I’m your best friend who wants nothing but best for your skin.


Evita Emille