He-yo ladies and gents–how’s everything going? I’m trying to keep my domain active so I have another one for you guys.

A couple of months back, I received another VoxBox from Influenster (partnered with Laura Mercier) complimentarily, which features their new product for me to try–the Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Glow. Yay!

They sent me the Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Glow ($38) in the shade of Translucent, together with its Glow Powder Brush ($38).

Y’all know how iconic the Laura Mercier‘s loose setting powder is, and now they made one with a new formula to create a sheer finish with a natural glow. Girl, I was so excited to try this the moment I received it!

Laura Mercier | Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow

The iconic Translucent Loose Setting Powder in a glow finish sets makeup for lasting, weightless wear. Extends makeup wear with sheer coverage and lasting natural luminosity, while blurring fine lines.

I have just posted a review about The Powder from La Mer and now we can use that as our quality basis.


Like your usual loose setting powder, it comes in a plastic jar with a sifter and a lid. This one doesn’t come with a puff but you can get their velour puff for $15 if that’s how you want to finish your make up game.

Swatch and Consistency

I’ve received the lightest shade which has a slight yellow undertone. And as you can see, the powder is really fine and also buildable.

Upon blending, you can see those teeny tiny shimmers which are just perfect as it is not overwhelming. It is not even that conspicuous unless you really look into it.

As the name of the product says, this powder helps to give you that natural glow. If you wake up one day and thought that you’re not into blinding someone with your highlighter today and wanted to go for a more natural highlight or a pabebe glow, then this is the right one for you.


You have to throw in another couple of bucks for this amazing brush but I guarantee you that it is worth every penny.

The wand itself is not too long and not too short–just enough to put inside your makeup kit and comfortable enough to use.

The bristles, oh lord the sweet bristles, are extra soft and is shaped to fit the contours of our face.

This brush was created to be used together with the powder but somehow I find myself using this every day, even just to put my blush. I swear, ladies, try this brush and you’ll never put it down on your brush rack again.

Moment of Truth

Here’s my selfie while wearing the said powder all over my face. The shimmers are not blinding at all–it just gives off a natural glow especially on the high points of my face: cheeks, nose, chin, and eyebrows. It kept my face looking fresh and not too dewy all day long. Mind you, I was even wearing long sleeves in a 90F weather in DC. I was sweating like crazy!


If you’ve read my recent post, The Powder of La Mer was a piece of gem but clearly, Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder Glow was one of those better setting powder that you can get at a much cheaper price.

La Mer is one of my guilty pleasures so I didn’t really consider checking out other products before getting The Powder, but boy, is this what they call the feeling of regret? Kidding! 

Now, ladies, it’s your turn to decide: would you get the $95 La Mer The Powder or the $38 Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Glow? Both powders are just as amazing as the other in their own special way, so it is always up to you; whichever works for you.

***This may have been given to me for free but my opinions and reviews are 100% unbiased***

Tell me your thoughts below.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment.

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