Heyyy guess who’s back from the dead? Lol. How’s everyone doing? After months of stressing myself out, I’m finally ready to share some reviews with you guys.

This one is actually long overdue. I have the draft ready two months ago but I just can’t find the time to perfect it soooo—but now, here it is!

La Mer | The Powder

This luxurious finishing powder, formulated with our potent Miracle Broth, is so incredibly light, it appears to float. Developed with symmetrically shaped, uniquely coated particles, it magnetically attracts to the skin for a perfect fit. Skin looks radiant, while air-spun seaborne particles–some of the lightest materials on earth–create an imperceptible finish to help skin appear flawless. Translucent coverage.

So yes, with all those constant unwanted and unneeded rambles, it is basically a finishing powder that gives a light finish and translucent coverage. They said it is infused with their ever famous Miracle Broth so I guess that’s why it cost me $95 to get this.

This one is part of the Skincolor de La Mer collection so it is meant to be used together with the other products in the line. But since I’m a cheapo and my parents are not a multi-millionaire, I can only afford to try the products one at a time, sorry not sorry.


It comes in a really heavy frosted glass jar that is not only heavy but also bulky. The heaviness feels to it gives you that this shit is classy feeling and that what you’re holding is really $95. With that, it is also hard to carry with you or to put in your makeup bag because it’s humongous and weighs like 10 lbs, no kidding! (just exaggerating)

Anyhoo, this powder has been around for so long that this is like the nth time they repackaged and reformulated. This is my first time trying this so let’s see if it’s worth the penny and worth taking my La Mer The Powder virginity.


It comes with a really really soft and tiny puff that I’m too scared to use because of its cuteness and because I don’t want to taint its purity.

Now forgive me for not trying and giving you guys my thoughts on the included applicator because I am just really weak to cute stuff like this. But hey, who still uses a puff to apply a loose powder anyway, geez!

If you’re an RK and has some extra money just throw in $85 more and you’ll get The Powder Brush from La Mer, too!



Apparently this powder is universal that it only has one shade. I am fair-skinned myself so I have no issue with this but it just makes me wonder how will it look to a tan or darker skinned lads.

*I was just planning to have some of my friends try this as well but if I have to wait for them to open their schedule for me it will take me years to finally post this review so nevermind.*

True enough, the powder itself is really light and also buildable. Because of its lightness, it is easy to spread across your face even with just using your fingers. It is amazing how smooth your skin will be after application.

Upon blending, you’ll see those tiny shimmers that would help if you want to achieve that natural glow.

When I first noticed that it leaves off glitters and shimmers, I got kind of scared. I was once traumatized by powders that have shimmers on it because it frequently makes my face look too bright or made me look like I’m going to perform in a circus or something. But since this is La Mer we’re talking about, and also because I just don’t really want to put money in the trash can, I decided to still give it a go.

Moment of Truth

You guys already know that I’m not a fan of setting powders because I prefer to have that healthy or dewy look. After putting BB cream or foundation, I usually just top it off with a blush mixed with an oil to make it look more natural and then I’ll call it a day.


So the first time I used it, I used my Spectrum Powder Brush and it felt kind of weird to me. It made me think that I have too much makeup on my face even though obviously I do not.

It might just be me since I’m not really used to using powders to set my make up. I got so self-conscious that I checked my make up in the mirror so frequently and even asked my friends if my face looks weird today, and they said it did not.

After taking pictures in all angles and in all lighting, I deduced that I am just not really used to set my make up because gurrrl, I still look good af.

The powder helped my creams to withstand the heat and humidity. Y’all know what kind of hell we put through during summer, right?

After being out in the sun for almost half a day, this is how my face turned out. I didn’t do any retouching for the whole day that even my lipstick already faded I looked sick.

But well, as you can see; I went out, took care of my passport and then went to the park with my family but my make up is still set. Little (to none) oil blots here and there but still overall panglaban.

Overall thoughts


With all that is said and done, this one is still too expensive for a setting powder. There are hundreds out there that are much cheaper and would also work even better so I still see no reason why I have to spend this much for a powder.

But y’all know La Mer is known for its high-end skin care products and cosmetics so obviously you’re also paying for the brand, not just the product itself, so if you think this powder is and will work for you and you just really love La Mer like me, go for it.


Interested in trying La Mer? Check them here.

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Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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