When I started doing this “beauty blogging” thing, I figured that I would be needing a decent makeup brush set if I want to make this work.

Considering that I’ve only worn a full face make up during special occasions like prom, night out with girlfriends, or date night—you can only see basic brushes on my make up kit: powder, blush, eyeshadow (yes, I once thought that there’s only one kind of eyeshadow brush) or eyeliner, and foundation brush.

Yup, just the basics. I don’t even use my blush or foundation brush that much because I like using my fingers—I believe the warmth of my fingertips helps in making my make up look as natural as possible.

Anyhow, after all the reading and researching, it still took me a while to finally decide what to get. Almost all the blogs and articles I’ve visited and read recommended Sigma or Morphe brushes, but the moment I saw these Spectrum beauts, I knew they’re the one for me.

Spectrum is PETA registered and Vegan trademarked cruelty-free brand based in the UK. They pride themselves on creating trend-lead makeup brushes with vibrant colors that are not only beautiful but also offers exceptional quality.

They offer a lot of extravagant and instagrammable brush set in different colors and packages. I got the Bombshell Set in a beautiful holographic finish roll or Oyster Roll.


Spectrum Bomb Shell Set & Oyster Roll

For $94.99 (P4,800~), you can get a 12-piece brush set made with high-quality synthetic hair packed in a lovely travel-friendly brush holder.

Face Brushes

C02 | Flat top Contour Brush

Let’s start with one of my favorites among this set. This one has a flat top brush that is perfect for covering the hollows of your face or for contouring your cheekbones and jawline. Since the bristles are super soft and is dense enough, I like using this brush to apply my BB cream for that even finish. Its thickness also allows the cream to spread further across your face so you can go for a lighter or natural finish using this.

A00 – Luxe Powder Brush

This brush is just dangerously soft they should’ve put a warning sign on the cover. It’s super soft that it makes you want to use it on your face forever. With its density, you can pick up a lot of product, whether powder or cream. I like this brush so much that I use this to apply my setting powder, blush, and sometimes my highlighter and contour.

C03 | Tulip Brush

This slighty-pointed tulip-shaped brush is also designed for the application of powder or cream formulas. It is incredibly soft and with its shape, I like using this to apply my highlight around the eye area and contour my hairline and jaw.

A02 | Angled Foundation Brush

This brush is perfect for applying heavy foundations and the angle can help you reach deep within the depths of hell, sides of your nose and eye area. This is a foundation brush that you can use if you want a fuller coverage but I prefer using this to maximize my concealer or for that heavier contour.

A05 | Precision Blush Brush

This blush brush has a long and also super soft bristle that you can use if you want to go softie on your blush. I also use this to apply my highlight or powder contour.

Eyeshadow Brushes

B05 | Luxe Blender Brush

Probs the biggest blender I’ve ever seen and also one of my favorites. Highlighting your brow bone, nose, cheeks, or for that precise contour, or even buffing your concealer–it’s wholly up to you! If you have all the time in the world you can use this to apply your foundation as well.

B06 | Tall Tapered Blender Brush

Use this brush to smoothen out those harsh eyeshadows or build up contours in the eye. With its long bristles, it’s almost fun enough to blend blend blend.

A07 | Colour Applicator Brush

This brush reminds me of myself: small, cute and chubby. Just kidding. With its stumpy shape, I use this brush to apply the base colour of my eyeshadow as it picks up and can build up a lot product.

A12 | Fluffy Pencil Brush

This fluffy dome-shaped eyeshadow brush is perfect to effortlessly blend eyeshadow right into your crease to create a depth for that smokey eye look.

A14 | Winger Definer Brush

Ever since the reinvention of winged eyeliner and arched eyebrows, I’ve only been using one brush and that is from Etude House. I’ve been picky with this because sometimes the brush is too thick or too thin or too long. But I neither love nor hate this brush. It’s a bit thick when used on applying eyeliner but the length is just perfect to create a cateye look.

A13 | Short Smudge Brush

This one is like the smaller version of A07. The wide and small shape is used to apply colour on your lower eye lid and water line.

A15 | Lip Liner Brush

The lip liner is also super soft and the length is just enough for perfect precision when applying lipstick using the brush.

Wand length

The brushes are about 13-16cm and a bit shorter compared to the ones I’ve had before but all in all, it doesn’t really get in my way and it’s actually easier to use precision-wise.

Cleaning + Drying

When I got these brushes what I’m afraid of the most is whether the dyes will transfer or fade when cleaning it, and to my utmost relief, the colors stay on its proper place even while air drying it.

This is how the brushes look like after one wash. No flyaways and the colors are still magical.

Overall thoughts

If you’re looking for a basic brush set and you’re willing to splurge a bit, then I really recommend for you to try this one out.

There’re lots and lots of brushes out there that is cheaper, but I think these brushes are decent for its price and don’t you just love how unique their packaging is?!

And for what it’s worth, the fact that their company shouts vegan and cruelty-free products just make my heart burst.



Check out their spectacular and breathtaking brush sets here.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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