Oh hey there, how are you? Someone has a lot of free time again so let’s have another product to check out this week!

I’m not actually really sure why I bought this one. I’m not the type of girl that always wear mascara ‘cause my eyes are sensitive and also because I always wear eyeglasses, but I know everyone can relate to me on this—if it’s cute, why the hell not buy it?

Château Labiotte | Wine Angle Mascara

in #02 Volume Fixer for ($9~)

The volume curl mascara provides edgy volume with the effect of specially made angle brush and curl fixer as if having curled eyelashes.

If you haven’t heard about Château Labiotte before, (owned by Tony Moly), they are a botanic-based brand that uses the nature that we live in as their basic material. They claim that their brand strictly follows the 7 principles of naturopathy. Basically, they expand the use of nature-oriented ingredients and reduce chemical components.

Okay, enough with science, let’s talk more about this product and heck, their cute-ass packaging.


Yes, it’s a freaking mascara that comes in a wine bottle. How freaking cute is that? I first tried their wine lip tint so I unconsciously assumed that most of their product are alcohol-inspired, but upon digging deeper on their website, they have all the cute and unique stuff: from bell-inspired gel liners, stop-watch blush, and of course, a wine glass lip balm. So what’s next, a shoe rack-inspired palette, maybe? Kidding!

Anyway, I love how unique their packagings are. The Barbie-like packagings are now so 2017, I guess.


It comes with a specially designed angled wand to create that curled eyelashes look. Now it’s easier to put mascara in our inner eyelashes because of its thin and bent tip, and the thin handle or the thin bottle neck makes it easier to control.

Smudge-proof Test

Just a teeny amount (almost inconspicuous) transferred to the napkin. Now you don’t have to worry too much if you accidentally scratch your eye here.

Waterproof Test

The mascara doesn’t come off when put under running water but it comes off easily if wiped when wet.

I’d say crying when you’re using this mascara wouldn’t be as dramatic as in the movies. But it could be chaotic if you tried to wipe it with the back of your hand.

Moment of truth

Now let’s see how the specially made angled wand works.

Okay, so this is how my normal eyelashes look. I’m about to renew my passport the day I made this review so I just added a thin eyeliner just to give life to my dead eyes.

Yes, I really went out with one of my eyelashes curled and the other one not and it feels weird. Looking closely I don’t really see any difference, do you?

After going to the embassy, Lincoln Memorial (walking while the sun is so high up and bright), and eating dinner at a Chinese resto, this is how my mascara looked. I have no way of identifying if my eyeliner or my mascara is the one that caused those little smudges at my lower eyelid, but girl, I’m pretty sure I survived this tiring day beautifully.

Overall Thoughts

I would say, the deciding factor for me when using mascaras is how easy it is to remove. As I said, my eyes are really sensitive so I don’t really want to use even just a little force when removing my eye make up.

Aaand bam!, I was able to remove it just by wiping a cotton pad with my Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover so check out my happy dance. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼


Check out their wide range of cosmetics here.

Interested with this product? Get it at YesStyle!


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.


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