Guess who’s back again? April has been a pretty busy month for me (competitions and moving) so apologies for being MIA for weeks.

I have a lot of products here and I seriously don’t know which one to try out first—so I just decided to try the quickest one that I can share with you folks.

Peripera | Cushion Tint Pang

in #4 Swaggy Red

This was given to me by a friend from Ipsy but you can get it for $9~$13. I’ve always been a fan of Peripera tints so when I received this I was just dying to try it.


We all know how cute and girly Peripera’s packagings are but unfortunately, I’ve already thrown the box. (sorry!)

It comes in a pen-like form that you have to push for a couple of times for the product to come out. It’s a good thumb exercise especially if it’s new ‘cause you have to press it for like 30 times.


The cushion tint pang obviously has a cushion applicator attached to it. It feels extremely soft and squishy, and girl does it smells nice. I smelled the tip for like 2 days before finally deciding to give it a try. For that shape, it’s pretty easy to use if you’re going for that soft look. Though it’s kind of hard to control if you want to go all out because of its round shape.

Honestly speaking, I’m not a big fan of cushions—be it BB creams or tints. Hygiene-wise, the cushion could be a breeding ground for bacteria if used often and since it is attached to the pen itself, cleaning it would be tricky and is impossible to do thoroughly.


To my surprise, the tint is oil-based and is oily enough to keep your lips feel soft and smooth when worn. I was expecting it to be creamy in texture because of Etude House Rose Tint Lips (which also has cushion) that I’ve tried before, but oh well.


This is how the color looks on my lips after one layer. If you want a brighter red color, just add another layer or two.

How it looks like after 2 layers. As you can see, the colors are buildable and the vivid red color is more vibrant after putting it the second time.

If you want a more intense color, just click it for 3 to 4 times and then swipe right. 😉

Smudge-proof Test

Since this is an oil-based tint, I had to wait for like 5 minutes for it to get dry.

And as you can see, it is still not smudge-proof so it may transfer to your drink or food when worn.

Waterproof Test

Most oil-based products tend to be long lasting but for this one, nah.

The good thing with this, though, is that the color doesn’t completely come off and will still give you that soft red color and will not leave you looking all pale and anemic.

Overall thoughts

It may not be meant for long-wear but I like how it feels on your lips. It keeps my lips moisturized that I can even skip using a lip balm before using this. I also like using it on my cheek for that instant natural looking blush.

Here’s a picture of me wearing the Peripera Cushion Tint Pang #4 Swaggy Red on my cheeks and lips.

If you’re looking for a tint that you can wear for long hours and won’t come off even if you give one, then this tint is not for you.


Interested in this product? Check out:

Club Clio if you’re in PH or YesStyle if you’re in the USA (they also ship worldwide).

Also, check out my review of Peripera Colorfit Tint Water Gel.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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