If you’ve been spending time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen one of NERD Skincare ad. (or maybe Facebook knows exactly what I need and really sold my interest so it’s always showing on my feed), and I have seen their ads too much that I decided to try their product since it looks a bit promising, and because I am honestly intrigued, and also because my acne journey still has a long way to go.

The Nerd Way
The New Way

NERD initiates a smarter approach, activating the good bacteria on your face to kill the bad acne-causing ones. Over time, this creates an ecosystem of perfectly balanced facial flora, paving the way for a more acne-resistant skin.

Now you probably know why their brand is called NERD, right? This brand is trying to not only up your good bacteria game but also your flawless skin game, by innovating ways to get that I-don’t-need-a-concealer look. And how else would they do that? Of course, just like what all the superheroes do—fight the bad guys!… or I guess the bad bacterias.

The whole acne treatment system is a bit on the expensive side, but you can get a trial set for $10.00.

For that price, you can get their three acne treatment system trial pack in a transparent sealable pouch with a black print.

Don’t you just love how they put their product in a black and white contrast? Black is always classic but for NERD, from what I have seen, puts more color on its boxes but keeps its product packaging on a traditional B&W.

Inside, there’s an enclosure, a $15 cash coupon, and of course, the trial sizes of their
Acne Treatment System:
1. Clarifying Cleanser
2. Acne Treatment Lotion
3. Nourishing Cream

Since I only received a trial size, I originally planned to do a 7-day review because I was not expecting it to last longer than that, but I noticed that there’s still a lot of product left so I extended it for another 7 days.

The Clarifying Cleanser

2 ml tube retails for $20

This soap-free, creamy cleanser unclogs pores with the power of dairy-free yogurt probiotics and hydrating glycerin, leaving your skin soft and clean, never dry or tight. 


For a cleanser, this one has a rich and really thick texture. I was surprised when it came out of the tube since I was expecting it to be a bit watery, just like your usual cleanser.

The cleanser smells like a medicine to me. It doesn’t smell flowery or minty, which is just as expected since they don’t use unnecessary additives or other harsh chemicals on their products. Though when using it, it leaves a cool feeling.

When I first used this, my face felt itchy especially on my forehead, but it subsided after using it again the next day.

According to them, their cleanser doesn’t contain foaming agents as it doesn’t have any real functions, and even a pea-size amount of the cleanser should be enough to clean the entire face—which is just true. Though because I like using my cleansers for a while, it forms a microfoam every time I use it.

The Acne Treatment Lotion

$85 for a 1 fl. oz bottle

A non-drying treatment packed with nine powerful plant extracts that help speed healing, calm inflammation, and give good bacteria a boost to fight acne.


More of a champagne liquid instead of lotion. Since this one is like 98% water, it is fast drying so it could be a bit hard to spread across the entire face especially if your face is dry. It doesn’t have any weird smell on it, which is good. It also doesn’t leave your skin heavy or oily at all. To cover the entire face, I use at least 6-8 drops.

While I was using this product, I realized why after this one you need a nourishing cream. And that is because it is a bit drying and a bit sticky upon application. Though the stickiness disappears after a few seconds, the feeling of dryness stays and since my skin is already dry enough, after using this one I immediately use the cream.

The Nourishing Cream

1 fl of this one retails for $95.00

Designed for skin depleted by harsh treatments like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinoid, this luxurious moisture cream helps skin heal and repair its natural acne-fighting defenses.


A light creamy texture that is smooth and easy to spread. Basically, this one will clean the mess your acnes and blemishes left behind.

This cream leaves my skin soft and feeling hydrated, and it feels lightweight on my skin. But since my skin could get extra dry, the moisturizing feeling that this cream gives sometimes is still not enough for me, so I just top this off with another moisturizer to call it a day.

Moment of Truth

For this review, I focused on the area that I consider to be their hideout since all acnes in there doesn’t leave me no matter what I do. They tend to disappear yet reappear after a couple of days.

When I started using this, my acnes are just full-blown. They’re all swollen red and festive—like they’re trying to celebrate being on my face for one month. And after using the acne treatment system for 2 weeks, they receded in size and calmed down. The acne marks are slowly disappearing too thanks to the healing powers of the nourishing cream. I bet if used longer, the acne marks will become lighter and hopefully disappears.


*UPDATE: This is what my bare face looks like after 3 weeks. My acne marks are incredibly lighter and my breakout seemed to have stopped. I’m already out of the Clarifying Cleanser so I’ve only been using the Acne Treatment Lotion and Nourishing and they’re still going strong!*

Since I enjoyed these two whole weeks I’ve spent with their system, I’d give the NERD way a

As you can see, results are visible in just 2 weeks and if you’re like me who has trust issues and want to see first if it’ll work for your skin, just try their $10 trial pack.


Visit NERD Skincare to check out more of their products and ingredients breakdown.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.


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