On February 17, La Mer, the brand that is coveted because of their high-end skincare products like Creme de La Mer released a new formula and I was lucky enough to receive a sample.

I was able to get ahold of a deluxe sample size which is .24 oz. This product retails for $85 for .50 oz, $170 for 1 oz, and $315 for 2 oz.

Since La Mer is generous when it comes to handing out samples, I also received samples of Creme de La Mer and Gel de La Mer, which I’ve been using for 3 months together with my Renewal Oil and I was surprised to see that that teeny bitty jar lasted this long.

The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream

This cooling gel delivers soothing moisture for a refreshed feel. Skin looks naturally vibrant, restored to its healthiest center.

Upon receiving this, I found out that the Cool Gel Cream was supposedly an enhanced version and actually took the place of the Gel de La Mer that I have been using during the warm weather.

With that though, many loyal La Mer customers who’ve been using the old formula since day 1 are somehow dismayed by the reformulation. For some reason, the old formula worked better on their skin and the new formula is just a complete mess for them.

This was what the old formula claims:

The Moisturizing Gel Cream

A cooling gel moisturizer infused with a potent concentration of the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation.

It delivers the same radiance, renewal, and suppleness, leaving skin deeply hydrated and refreshed. It’s ideal for warm-weather climates.

Well, with all those rephrasing and claims, I deduced that what they’re trying to imply is that both creams are cooling and will leave your skin healthy and naturally vibrant, yeah?


It comes with that iconic pure white porcelain jar with a matching white screw cap that they’ve been using for like a century and of course, an enclosure.

They said the porcelain jar keeps the cream “cool” and helps the cream maintain its consistency, withstanding even the weather or temperature.

Once opened, this one is good for 24 months. It also has a white inner lid that protects the gel from spilling and maybe creating a mess on the lid itself because it’s runny and sticky.

The bigger jars have a spatula included with them but since I only have a sample, I have to use my fingers. I’ve been using the spatula I got from Laneige but to avoid spreading bacterias and for sanitary purposes, let’s make sure our hands are clean first before helping ourselves with the creme.

Point of Use

So far, I have only been using the Gel de La Mer when the weather starts to go up since it is considerably lighter than Creme de La Mer, which I’ve been using this whole winter, so as to not make my skin tacky.

But since the new Cool Gel Cream didn’t specify that it’s ideal for warm weather, I will assume that with the recent formula, you can use this year-round: rain or shine, snow or dry.


The Cool Gel Cream

• Jellylike and a bit more runny compared to Gel Cream

• A bit tacky when first applied

• Cooling effect only last for a few seconds

• Smooth and spreads easily

• May have to use more product compared to creme de La Mer

• Soft floral scent

• For oily skin

The Gel Cream

• Gel-like but creamier compared to the new formula

• A bit sticky when first applied

• Smooth and spreads easily

• Brown-yellowish color

• May have to use more product compared to Creme de La Mer

• Soft floral scent

• For oily skin

The Creme de La Mer

• Thick and creamy but doesn’t feel tacky

• Applying too much may clog pores

• Kind of hard to blend and spread

• Little goes a long way

• Subtle floral scent, a bit medicinal

• For dry/normal skin


Moment of Truth

To use: pat a small amount between fingertips and press gently into skin.

As this is a moisturizer, it is a bit hard to show the results with pictures alone but let’s see here:

Okay guys, I know I have to do something with my brows but you might need to zoom in a bit here.

Applying the cool gel cream will not leave your skin looking greasy or tacky and instead, it dries off with a satin finish. The floral scent fades out after a few seconds and since it is also blendable, you can use it together with your foundation if you’re feeling lazy or on the run.

I used this one for a week and since the weather here in the USA is as erratic as my mood, I can definitely say that you can use this one whenever and however you like.

But, which one is a good match for your skin?

The Cool Gel Cream, with its lighter body, is ideal for people who have an oily skin. But since it is hydrating and moisturizing enough, and with its “cools and calms” tendency as La Mer claims, this will also be a good fit for those with dry to normal skin

The Creme de La Mer is fit for people with dry to normal skin. As seen in the picture, it minimizes redness and reduces the appearance of the pores almost instantly.

This one is a bit heavy and tacky upon application but feels lighter after a few minutes. I just love how this cream works well on my skin and how you only need a small amount to cover your face.

Since this one is really thick, using it during a really warm weather would be a bad idea.

Overall thoughts

Cool Gel Cream


Creme de La Mer


These babies work wonders on my skin but for that price, girl I am demanding MORE.


Interested in trying La Mer? Get it here.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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