If you’re going to ask which brand I couldn’t live without, I’d say it’s Etude House. I’ve encountered this brand way back 2011 in PH and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Their brand shouts that pink princess theme and they literally shout “Hi, Princess!” the moment you enter their store. As a 14 y/o kid, that’s basically like living the dream even if it’s just for a few minutes.

They have the cutest packaging, cutest interior, and their product smells so good I want to eat it, and they live up to their promises. Don’t even let me start with their BB Creams because that is what you call a legend.

Anyway, today I’ll be doing a review about one of their products in the AC Clean Up line, or AC Clinic line, which is the Pink Powder Spot.

AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot

15ml for $14.66 (P700~)

The spot treatment product that soothes problem areas intensively and fast.

What a vague and short description. This product promised to sooth problem areas, so it doesn’t limit itself on just treating acne. Problem areas would be acne marks or scars, blemishes, and dry areas.


It comes in a small glass bottle with a green plastic cap. Once opened, this product is good for 12 months.


Just like La Mer Renewal Oil, this one also has a dual-phase formula. The upper half is made with cypress-water and salicylic acid that is found in most acne treatments, and the lower half is pink calamine and sulfur that is used to treat mild itchiness, like an insect bite or other mild skin condition.

Don’t you just love how the calamine made the solution match the perfect Etude House pink? It’s not just cute, it also serves a purpose.


Without shaking the container, insert a clean cotton swab into the container, dab the pink powder set on the bottom, and apply on the skin with problems in dots.

The concept is to dip a clean cotton swab until it hits the pink powder, so here goes:

Eek, that is too much product. The cotton just absorbed a lot of product, and because I’m a cheapo, the recommended applicator is a no-no for me. If this is the amount that we’re going to get every time we use a cotton swab, a lot will be put to waste so let’s try again.

This time, I used a plastic heart pick (teehee) because it’s the first thing that I found when I was looking for the perfect applicator that would give me just the right amount that I need.


I ordered this one straight from Korea so when I read the do not shake part and how it is made of powder, I was so nervous. I thought I will receive this one all shaken up and the powder all melted down, but I was wrong. If you accidentally shook it or if it fell, just give it a couple of minutes and you’ll see it go back to its original form.

Since it is made with water, it has a runny texture that dries after a few minutes. The smell made me think of a medicinal mouthwash if ever there is one because of its minty and herb-like aroma. Upon drying, it gets flaky and could be removed easily. If you’re planning on sleeping on it, be prepared to see pink marks on your pillow. No worries though since you can remove it easily.

Once applied, it has a cooling mint effect that feels nice on your skin. It’s like giving your pimple a bit of a relaxation before drying them out. Lol.

Moment of truth

What a coincidence, two pimples appeared just in time for my review! I also tried applying it on my acne marks to see if it will work on other problem areas.

And the winner is… charot. In 3 days you can see the results. A pimple on my upper left and mid-forehead started to dry out on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day of Christmas Santa gave me a clearer forehead.

Overall thoughts

I would have given it a 5 if it is solely made to treat acne but since it says problem areas (which is pretty broad) but didn’t really work on the those areas, I’ll give it a


This one works well on acne but doesn’t really help with the acne marks or blemishes, which is I think is obviously part of the problem areas one could have.


Check out how amazing Etude House in PH or USA.

Their products are a bit more expensive on the international website so if you want to save a bit, check out YesStyle.com.


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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