Established in 2006, and inspired by Peri, a fairy from Persian mythology, this brand became popular with the teens because of its vibrant and playful colors and for its cute packaging.

I’ve only tried a couple of their products before since you can only get their products online (thru althea or twofacemall), but Club Clio changed the game when they launched in the Philippines last year.

And because of the noonas and oppas, a lot of people liked it, particularly their lip tints: the Peri’s INK, INK velvet, and the Airy INK velvet.

Fashion People Carrier

in #1 Kpop Girl for $23.41

But what caught my attention was this cute lip kit luggage or Fashion People Carrier from Peripera. Isn’t it freaking cute? When I found out that you can move the handle and the luggage itself moves I almost died.

I only have tried the lip inks yet and I really liked the Vivid Tint Water so I decided to buy a full-sized one for myself, but with the gel consistency since it is also their newest formula that they launched mid-2017.


Colorfit Tint Water Gel

in #2 Cherry juice and #5 Chili juice 4.5ml for $8.21 (P380) each

The lip tint comes in a plastic packaging which is supposed to be a juice pouch, but for some reason reminds me of a ketchup sachet. It has 7 shades and I chose #2 Cherry juice and #5 Chili juice. Once opened, this product is good for 12 months.

As the shade name implies, the tint comes in a juice-themed bottle. Ain’t that cute? It was pretty small too, so go ahead and put it in your purse or pocket.


Ladies, that’s what I would call “girl that’s tight!”. The handle and tip fit tightly on the body (it can even stand while extended without moving!) so no problem with leaking whatsoever here.

Just like your typical lip tint, the wand also comes with a doe-foot applicator. What I like about this applicator is that its shape is made to match the natural contours of our lips, making it precise and easy to apply and the handle makes it easy to control the tip too.


The term “water gel” really describe its consistency. It’s too watery for a gel, but not watery enough for it to drip even if you apply too much.


Look at that vibrant colors. Mind you, this is what it looks like after putting only one coat.

The #02 cherry juice has a sweet red undertone while the #05 chili juice has more of a tangerine orange color.

Waterproof Test

When put under running water, the colors are still there but not as vibrant as it used to.

Smudgeproof/Transferproof Test

Wiped the tint while drying it off and after some vigorous wiping, light colors transferred on the napkin but the colors are still there—a bit faded but I’m pretty sure you can still slay with that.

I only applied one coat for the tests and I think the results would be even more better if I have put at least 2 or 3 coats.


This is what it looks like after a long day at work—no retouching, except putting lip balm from time to time cause I feel weird when my lip is dry.

I’m pretty impressed though because it didn’t leave me looking pale after all that talking, eating, drinking, and licking. Yes, licking. The tint tastes and smells like a really sweet cherry so I tend to lick it. Teehee.

When Worn

One thing I’ve realized while doing this review was how awkward it is to focus your camera on your lips.

So here’s my whole face while wearing the tints.

Overall thoughts

This tint is already in my purse and I have no complains whatsoever. The colors came out as I expected them to, and just how I like my everyday look to be.


Interested in this product? Check out:

Club Clio if you’re in PH or YesStyle if you’re in the USA (they also ship worldwide).


Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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