Upon arriving here, I told myself that I’m going to focus on western beauty brands since it is the ones that are within my reach, but I guess I have to take that back.

I’ve been using Korean products since high school and I just really really love them—I prefer to have that soft and healthy glow rather than those flawless and perfectly contoured look. I’m pabebe, after all. I told myself that I will embrace versatility but I think I will have to take it slow. Teehee.

Cosmetics from Asian countries are not much of a boom here in the USA. Just like Etude House, my favorite Korean brand ever that promotes youthful and natural look, had to stop their physical US operations after a couple of years. I think it’s because the Koreans’ and Americans’ perception of beauty is pretty much the opposites.

Anyway, when I found out that it will be hard for me and my pocket to get Korean products, I decided to have a stockpile of my favorites and brought it with me.

Since I’m a sucker for them, I searched and searched on where I can buy a huge range of Korean cosmetics and then I discovered YesStyle.com.

I love everything about this website. They sell Korean or Japanese chic clothes and all sorts of accessories. Ordering and processing are quite easy, too. The ETA of my parcel was 02/14 but I received it 02/05. That’s a week earlier so I’m so kilig! That’s why I consider this online shop as my no. 1 source for my kaartehan.

The only thing I don’t like is how they put those stickers on the face of the product. Now my photos for my reviews have all those stickers and that’s not instagrammable at all. Taking them out is a pain so hey put it on the back instead, okay?

Anyway, they have all the brands that I could think of: Etude House, Laneige, Innisfree, Cosrx, April Skin, Tony Moly, Too Cool For School—girl you name it, and they ship worldwide too. Yay!! Fresh from Korea and HK ❤️ They also have JBeauty in case you’re also looking for that.

I bought some products that I use in the Philippines and some other hot pancakes in the cosmetic world right now.

Take a look:

Etude House | Wonder Pore Clearing Emulsion and Deep Cleansing Foam

250 ml for $23.18 (P1,100~) | 170ml for $13.74 (P650~)

I’m a huge fan of EH’s Wonder Pore line and I’m pretty sure a lot of people agree with me since this is probably their most popular skincare line. I’ve had the deep cleansing foam before and I just know I need to buy it again together with her sister (yes, I gave them a gender), the clearing emulsion.

Scinic | Honey All-in-One Ampoule

250ml for $23.03 (P1,050~)

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive reviews about this and I’m just so excited to try it for myself. A bit scary since honey is thick and sticky and this one is made with 90% honey but well, we will see to look and feel.


Peripera | Colortint Water Gel

in #2 Cherry Juice | #5 Chili Juice

4.5ml for $8.21 (P380) each.

Of course, to complete my pabebe look, I’m gonna finish it off with a gradient lip tint.

Etude House | Face Blur SPF 33 PA++

35ml for $12.38 (P580~)

This is like my third bottle of this one. I’ve been using this since its launch a few years ago but wasn’t able to stock up before leaving PH because it was out of stock.

Etude House | AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot

15ml for $14.66 (P700~)

And then, something to try to fight my acne.

And for my freebie, I got Skin Food Bird’s Nest Mask 💙

All prices here are weird numbers because it’s discounted and I bought it during a sale (and also because I’m a Silver Club member of their website (extra 6% off in all purchases).

I’m so excited to try everything and share my thoughts with you guys and gals ❤️

7 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Mini Haul 1.0

  1. The peri peri tint looks so cute! I fall for cute packaging so easily. I have a couple things from peri peri, etude house and tonymoly just because their packaging is so adorable!


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