Ever since I migrated to the United States, I noticed that my skin became dull and dry. After a couple of weeks, I started breaking out too. I have a friend who also had skin breakouts after visiting the US—I don’t know if it’s because of the sudden change in climate, water or whatnot, but we are obviously part of the unlucky ones.

When I was in the Philippines, I had no problem with acne or whatsoever. I only get acne once in a blue moon and if I ever have one, it disappears after a day or two. But now, my acnes are growing fond of my face; they now stay as long as they like, wherever they like. I still use the same skin care products, but now they didn’t do me any good. And that’s what brought me on this journey—to find the perfect skin care and make up for my now extra sensitive skin.

As this is my first ever product review that I’ll post, I figured why not start my blog with a product review of one of the most legendary brand in the cosmetic world, which is La Mer.

It took me a few days before finally deciding to try these products because boy, they’re helluva expensive. But after seeing a lot of positive reviews about this brand and how a lot of celebrities considered this product holy grail, my curiosity kicks in and I told myself, why the hell not give it a chance?

And so here I am.

La Mer

La Mer is known for their Miracle Broth that is found in all of their products, but what made them well-known is the Creme de La Mer or “Cream of the Sea”.

Miraculous Beginnings

“Inspired by the renewing powers of the sea, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin after a laboratory accident. He harvested kelp for its regenerating abilities, and a legend of hope began. Twelve years and 6,000 experiments later, a miracle was born.”


I was able to get ahold of The Renewal Oil and these cute little ones for $245. That whopping $245 (P12,250~) is for a 1 fl. oz. bottle of the Renewal Oil alone and I was lucky enough to get all those freebies because I bought it during one of their promotions—and I got a free pouch, to boot.

As much as I want to rant about how expensive their product is, they give out tokens of compliment such as freebies and generous samples every day—so it is just up to you on how, what, and when to buy.

La Mer the Renewal Oil

The Renewal Oil

Inspired by the oils in our Miracle Broth and the power of fermentation, this multi-faceted oil envelops skin in a ritual of healing nourishment to enhance its natural glow and translucency.


La Mer the Renewal Oil packaging

They’re right, the best surprises come in green boxes. The packaging itself shouts luxury and the signature La Mer green. The Renewal Oil was wrapped in a white carton and a cute little book enclosing the product details and instructions in different languages.

La Mer the Renewal Oil dual-phase elixir

This is a dual-phase oil so as you can see, the product was divided into two: I am assuming that the smaller part might be the sacred Miracle Broth and the greater part would be the so-called power of fermentation.

La Mer the Renewal Oil dual-phase elixir

La Mer the Renewal Oil dual-phase elixir

Gently shake to activate.
Upon shaking, you’ll see that the oils are subtly mixed with the form of small bubbles. Those small bubbles even remain its form after dropping them in your fingertips, which I find somehow cool.


La Mer the Renewal Oil applicator

It comes with a thin pipette applicator that allows only an infinitesimal amount to dispense, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally dispensing too much. You can also put the product directly in the palm of your hand or use your fingertips. I don’t recommend touching near the cap or lip of the bottle since it has the possibility of transferring bacteria on the inside and it is just unhygienic.

La Mer the Renewal Oil applicator


It has a thin watery oil texture that once applied, it doesn’t feel oily or heavy on your skin at all. So if you have an oily skin, you don’t have to be scared. The thin consistency made it easier for your face to absorb all of the product no matter what type of skin you have. By the way, I have a dry and oily skin and it works well for me.

La Mer the Renewal Oil applicator

The oil has a soft floral scent that fades out after a few minutes of applying. I always find myself looking for this smell everytime I use it because it doesn’t hurt my nose at all and I don’t know, the scent kind of soothes me. After working in the coffee industry for over a year now, my nose became extra sensitive to smell, that even the scent of Kiehl’s Daily Concentrate is too strong for me.

You wouldn’t believe that only 3-4 drops would be enough for your entire face and neck until you try it yourself. This product really gives meaning to the phrase “a little goes a long way”.

Moment of Truth

Before using this product, I made sure to follow each and every step so I can fully get what I paid for.

La Mer the Renewal Oil enclosure

Sweep 3-5 drops over face and neck morning and evening. Massage this nourishing formula into hair, cuticles, and dry areas of the body as needed.

Since the Renewal Oil has ingredients like eucalyptus and sesame oil, you can put it into your hair or cuticles. Though I only massage whatever leftover product I have in my hand into my hair because I’m a cheapo and I think this is too expensive just to be used in those areas.

According to the how-to video by La Mer, you have to blend the oils on your fingertips first to thoroughly activate it—then work your way all over your face and neck using the soft part of your palm with gentle circular pressure.


I still don’t have the audacity to show my whole bare face so here’s the upper left part, since I consider this part as the worst part of my face.

Day 0
This is my tired, bare face after facial wash, before applying moisturizer, toner, etc. Few weeks here in the US and I noticed my skin became extra dry and my pores started being visibly large. So I decided to stop whatever I’ve been using—bb creams, foundations,
concealer, and all the other good stuff to let my skin rest and let my skin heal on its own, and because I’m too scared that it might become any worse than this.

Day 1-3
I used 4-5 drops day and night to add an extra layer of moisture since this is the only skincare that I use even if I’m going out. I skipped my moisturizer or toner because I want to see the powers of the Renewal Oil itself, without the help of any other product.


Day 4
My face obviously looked healthier. It started to give out a healthy glow and my pores are not that visible. And girl, check out that eye baggage on Day 0, in just 4 days it became considerably lighter I wanna cry.

Day 5-6
These are probably the days my acne and rashes are active. I don’t know what’s on my forehead but my acne seems to like to breed in that area. If you look closely my skin is extra red and I have those small red lumps—might be a sign of allergy or whatnot. I must have eaten seafood or some sort at that time. Teehee.

Week 1
I am not even sure if I need words to explain this but guuurrrl, compare day 0 to week 1 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Just so you guys know, I have a shifting schedule at work—there are days that I have too much sleep, and there are days that I only have like a couple of hours to sleep or contemplate about life and whether I really need this job or not.
Day 8-9 would be those times.
Even though I am sleep-deprived, my skin still looks healthy to me.

Week 2
Halfway through Week 2, when the weather started to drop incredibly, I decided to use the Creme de La Mer together with the Renewal Oil. I reduced the oil to 3-4 drops since I realized I wouldn’t need that extra layer since Creme de La Mer would do the job for me. I thought that the oil alone wouldn’t be enough to keep my skin hydrated during winter and no way in hell am I willing to take the risk because swear, I like the snow but I am really sensitive to cold.

Take a look and you’ll see that the results are even more amazing.


Day 18-21
New bad acnes were born, and luckily, they didn’t prevail. I am not expecting for these to remove my acne or acne marks since they didn’t promise any acne treatment at all, but my acne marks became lighter and smaller too.

But the real question is, is it worth the penny?

La Mer the Renewal Oil

I’ve been using this product for over two months now and as you can see, I still have a lot of products left. Another good thing about this is that its shelf life is good for 24 months. It’s my first time encountering one but yes, you can keep this thing on your shelf for 2 years and never worry if it’s going to expire soon that you have to use everything in a week.

Imagine, if you can use this product for 2 years, that would be like paying $10 a month. And just what my Mom would say, what’s $10 a month anyway? And if you want to be a bit more realistic and let’s say you use it for a year, that would be spending $20 a month, that wouldn’t be so bad, right?—or so that’s what I like to think every time I check my bank account. But seriously, you go gurl, go ahead and invest in yourself and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Overall thoughts


I like everything about this product: I like how it made my skin look and feel healthy—or should I say, renewed. It would have been perfect for me if only it is affordable enough to everyone.


Interested in trying La Mer The Renewal Oil? Get it here.

Any particular product you want me to try and share my thoughts? Message me or leave a comment below.

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